Butcher’s Competition Ribs


Butcher’s Competition Ribs

Items Needed:

  • Trimming Knife
  • Digital Temperature Probe
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Butcher
  • BBQ Honey Rub
  • Butcher BBQ Chipotle Rub
  • Butcher BBQ Grilling Oil
  • Brown Sugar

Prep Time: 60 minutes

Cook Time: 4 hours

  Cooking Temp: 275 degrees

Remove spare rib from package and lay on your cutting board with the bone side facing up. Find the longest bone which should be the 3rd or 4th bone from one end. Using your knife start on one end and cut just above that bone going the full length of the ribs so only the meat with rib bones are left and separated from the super thick upper part. Save this thick part and we will explain later. Now this is the hardest part of trimming. You need to remove a very thin but very hard membrane from the back of the ribs. At the end of the ribs holding a paper towel pick at the thin surface till the corner of the membrane starts to come up. Grip a hold securely and pull it the full length of the ribs exposing the meat and bones below it. The reason for removing this is to allow the rub to penetrate the meat. Also, if it is left on when cooked that part of the rib is very hard to bite thru. Turn on your grill and set it at 275 degrees while you apply seasoning to the ribs. Start with the bone side up. Apply a medium coat of Butcher BBQ Honey rub.

Flip the slab over and repeat. Now is the time to bring back in the thick part of the ribs you trimmed off. Apply the same rub to them. Let set for 1 hour before cooking allowing the flavors of the rub to start to penetrate the rib meat. Once that has passed place the ribs on the grate meat side up. Shut the lid and don’t peek for the next hour. Then just rotate the ribs 180 degrees and apply on the top of the ribs Butcher BBQ grilling oil. Close the lid and wait one more hour. Have 2 pieces of aluminum foil measuring about 6 inches longer than your ribs and 2 pieces of foil measuring about 12 inches long. With the ribs apply a lite coat of the Butcher BBQ Chipotle rub on both sides then place a medium hand full of brown sugar on the foil patting it flat. Squirt 2-3 lines of the Grilling oil over the brown sugar. Lay the ribs meat side down. Roll the edges of the foil up and return to the grill with the meat/brown sugar side resting on the grate. Now let’s take that thick meaty end and cut it into 1-inch long cubes, follow the same wrapping method then return to the cooker.

In one hour just rotate the foil packs so the heat of the cooker is hitting the opposite side. In about another hour, you need to check the temp for doneness. My target temp is 204. After getting there remove from the grill but leave wrapped up for the next 15 minutes. Remove from foil, apply BBQ sauce on both sides. Place back on the grill shut the lid and let the rub get sticky. Now have your favorite potato salad and ice tea ready.

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