Pork Loin Roast

pork loin

Pork Loin Roast

Items Needed:

  • Boning Knife
  • Injector w/needle
  • Butcher BBQ Liquid Pork injection
  • Butcher BBQ Savory Pecan Rub
  • Sharp knife
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Digital temperature probe
  • Large cookie sheet
  • Butcher BBQ Butter Grilling Oil

Prep Time: 2-3 hours

Cook Time: 3-4 hours

  Cooking Temp: 250 degrees

Remove pork loin from package and trim any excess unwanted fat off the surface of the loin. If the loin is too large for servings needed cut it down at this point for the correct serving size needed. Place the loin on your cookie sheet this will help with the next step. Using the Liquid Pork Injection pour some into a bowl, then take your free injector and inject top, bottom, and sides of the loin. Wipe off any excess injection remaining on the surface of the loin. After the loin has been wiped down apply a medium coat of the Butcher BBQ Savory Pecan Rub to the surface. Cover with foil and place in the refrigeration till ready to cook. For best results let the injection and rub set 2-3 hours so it can work its magic to ensure the moistness for your finished product. Have your grill preheated to 250 degrees filled with their Cherry smoking wood. Place the loin directly on the grate surface in the manner you want it to look when cooked (if you want it in a circle this is the time to do this). 1 hour into the grilling time rotate the complete loin 180 degrees to were the smoke will touch the opposite side first (this will only ensure a more even cook). Now drizzle some of the Butcher BBQ Grilling oil over the top. In about 1 more hour repeat this process once again. When the pork loin reaches and internal temperature of 165 degrees remove it from the grill and let the loin rest for minimum of 15 minutes before serving. For a final dress on the loin you can apply your favorite glaze, BBQ sauce, or even a lite coat of the rub again. If you do this, initially remove the loin at 160 degrees so when you place it back on the grill and it won’t over cook. This finishing method will allow for the glaze/sauce to caramelize on the meat.

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