Red Wine Fillet Steak


Red Wine Fillet Steak

Items Needed:

  • Trimming Knife
  • Boning Knife
  • Digital Temperature Probe
  • Butcher’s Grilling Addiction
  • Stock Pot
  • Red Wine
  • Copper Tongs
  • Your Favorite Traeger Pellets

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 1:20

  Cooking Temp: 250 and 400 degree

Clean all silver skin off the exterior of the fillet. Cut the meat into the desired thickness, we feel 1 inch should be the minimum. Put the stockpot on the grill and fill the pot with red wine full enough so the steaks will be covered while the grill temperature is at 250 degrees. When the wine reaches 120 degrees place the steaks in the pot. Keep a close eye on the fillets and when the steaks get to an internal temp of 120 degrees remove the entire pot from the grill and raise the temperature of the grill to 400 degrees. While it’s doing that take each steak and apply Butcher’s Grilling Addiction on the exterior. After it reaches desired temperature place the steaks on the grill and do a quick sear on both sides till internal temp of 138-140 for medium doneness.

Use the remaining wine and reduce it down for a reduction sauce. Doing this with the wine that has the steak juices already will help enhance the product when its finished. Use this sauce to drizzle over your steak when sliced to help bring out the flavors and aromatics for dining.

Wine recommendations from Master Sommeliers Randa Warren for fillets is Canvas Cabernet Sauvignon.

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