Q: Will I get free shipping when I buy a shirt or hat?

A: No and Yes, we have partnered with another company to offer some of the newest clothing apparel. So they will ship from their warehouse and we can't control that. But if you order anything else from us on the same order it will qualify for free shipping if meets the all the qualifications. Please use the tab "FREE SHIPPING" for details.

Q: Why should I inject my meat?

A: Injecting the meat will help assure the moisture during the cooking process. Our product unlike others have moisture holding capabilities to keep your cooked meats moist even after slicing or reheating. 

Q: What is the difference between Prime Injection and the Original Injection?

A: The Prime Injection is the Original Brisket Injection with our Prime Dust premixed in it already to give it that great beef flavor desired by comp cooks. 

Q: Will injecting help get flavors in the meat?

A: Yes, while helping with moisture you get to add any flavor you want to the middle of any piece of meat.

Q: Should I refrigerate my spices or injections after opening them?

A: Before mixing never refrigerate your dry spices. The reason so is when you go from a cold enviorment to room temperature it will draw moisture and clump.

Q: How long should I let the injection set before using it?

A: Let the mixture set for about an hour before using. Our product will get to a thicker product which is needed to help hold it in the meat and not run out after injecting.

Q: Can I mix it up a few days before using?

A: Absolutely, just keep in mind that if you mix with an item that needs to be refrigerated you do so.

Q: How far in advance do I need to inject before cooking?

A: We suggest a minimum of 4 hours. We like to let it set 6 hours. When doing some catering due to not having enough time I did let it set for 24 hours and it was fine.

Q: How many briskets will a 1 lb bag do?

A: Using 3/4 cup of injection with 2 cups of liquid, will be enough for 2 full size briskets. So a 1lb bag will make 8 briskets.

Q: Let's talk injectors. Why should I use the ones you offer and not one from another company?

A: First off we offer the best price on the market for these. We have sold so many that the manufacturer has made us an actual distributor so we get the best price and pass it on to you. The actual injector is larger than the ones offered by others so less time is needed for injecting. Ours have larger finger holders on the side so your hand won't slip off while using them. Using the smaller needle will keep from tearing the meat when injecting so less product will escape.

Q: Can I use a blender to mix up the injection?

A: What you have to watch is when using a blender it will whip in a lot of air. Let it set over night so the air bubbles will burst and let it go back flat.