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What does it Mean When I Hear "Preserving Pork"

Preserving Pork 

Pork can be held fresh for a short amount of time or frozen for a very long time. 

Let's start with how to hold it fresh. 

When keeping pork fresh, it must be kept in a temperature range no higher than 38*F. Whether it is bone or boneless will determine the time you can keep it before spoilage. Bone-in pork should be no more than ten days, and boneless pork can go up to 21 days. Another thing to remember is the container you use for storage. 

Some of the most popular storage utensils for this is the air- tight sealed package most pork will come in. These are good for the duration of the time explained already. 

The second most popular would be the package you get from your local meat shop/butcher. The standard foam tray or paper wrap is not air-tight and will allow spoilage to start much quicker. I would recommend placing the package in a sealed bowl or zip-top bag. Storage this way will allow you to get to within 5-7 days of bone-in pork and 12-14 days for boneless.

Freezing pork is usually done in two main ways. The first way is with butcher paper, and while that is fine, it still allows air to reach the meat and over time (6 months to 12 months) can dry the water out of the surface of the frozen meat causing what is called freezer burn. This will result in bad texture, moisture, and no taste of the pork. The best way is to vacuum pack in an air- tight sealed package. Those are good for 4-5 years unless the package loses vacuum. 

Salting Pork for Storage 

Numerous people have failed to remember this old technique for protecting pork. It is perhaps the simplest approach accessible and does not take a lot of time. For this, you would need pickling salt, brown sugar, and containers for storage. 

To start with, cut the pork into chunks. For the most part, four to six-inch pieces work best. Blend 1/2 a pound of pickling salt with a 1/4 cup of brown sugar. This is sufficient to cover twelve pounds of pork. Generously coat the pork with this combination. Then, pack the meat into clean containers or jars. You should ensure it is firmly packed. Now, cover the meat with a cheesecloth. 

Utilizing the temperature of your home, figure out where to store you'r vessels. You need to keep the meat in an area that is about 36¬įF - no higher than 38¬įF. You additionally do not need a zone that could see frigid temperatures. Leave the meat in this cool stockpiling for at least one month. After that, you can envelop the meat with plastic or cling film and put it away¬†throughout¬†the¬†colder¬†time¬†of¬†year.¬†You¬†presently¬†have¬†salt-¬†restored¬†pork¬†for¬†any¬†occasion.¬†

Now that you are familiar with the benefits and ways of eating pork, let us look at some of the best pork BBQS you can enjoy.