BBQ Marinade Spray Bottle

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Introducing the Butcher BBQ Marinade Spray Bottle, the ultimate companion for backyard chefs, grillers, competition cooks, and BBQ connoisseurs. This ingenious 1.5-liter jug makes cooking a breeze, ensuring mouthwatering flavors every time. With its continuous output, this juggernaut eliminates the need for manual misting, basting, and spraying. Just pump up the pressure, and watch it work its magic! The fully adjustable spray nozzle gives you complete control over your marinades, mists, and basting techniques, guaranteeing perfect flavor infusion. The smart design with a flat bottom ensures stability, preventing spills or wobbles. Unleash your inner grill master and let the Butcher BBQ Marinade Spray Bottle elevate your BBQ game. Note: Keep vinegar-based liquids at bay to preserve exceptional performance. Prepare to amaze yourself with your culinary prowess! Brand Name: Butcher BBQ. Target Audience: Backyard chefs, grillers, competition cooks, BBQ connoisseurs. Key Features: Continuous output, adjustable spray nozzle, stability on any surface.

Your Reasons to Buy

  • A flat bottom to support bottle
  • 2 quart bottle
  • Fill level on side of jar
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy duty construction, so it handles the over the road bumps and pot holes
  • Vinegar based liquids can harm gasket materials.