Disposable Plastic Cutting Board Sheets


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These Disposable Plastic Cutting Board Sheets make meal prep easy and fast. The mats are large and flexible which makes them ideal for RVing, camping, and back yard grilling. They are long-lasting and have a quick and easy clean up. Use them as kitchen mats both indoors and outdoors. Place directly on counter surface or over another cutting board for easy clean up. 

Your Reasons to Buy

  • Built in cutter for safe and easy use
  • Product dimensions are 12" x 393"
  • Will make  26 12"x15" cutting surfaces
  • Non slip surface
  • Flexible material
  • Compact for easy storage and travel for camping, RV, outdoor kitchen, or catering
  • Material: EVA (copolymer of ethylene and vinyl)

How to Use

  1. Open the box.
  2. Unwind desired length.
  3. Cut it off with the Easy-Sliding Cutter.
  4. Make all the food preparations.
  5. Transfer your food to a bowl.
  6. Throw it out.