Using Grilling Oil The Right Way

Image by Joppe Spaa

If you are a meat lover, then it's right for you to determine the difference between BBQing and grilling. Grilling is a technique that involves using dry heat, which you apply to the food's surface. It may include applying heat either from the side, below, or from above. Since it involves the use of heat in a specific manner, it’s an approach that requires the proper use of grilling oil.

We have noticed the vegetable, avocado, peanut, and coconut oil are excellent for grills based on our experience. They have high smoke points, which ensure the oil won't burn when exposed to high temperatures. Such unique properties make them ideal for grilling different types of meat. To use this oil the right way, apply it over the grill first beforehand. Then apply light amounts to help moisturize the meat as you grill.

Cure Mix and How You Should Use It

Meat preparation is a dynamic process that can involve many different techniques. Using a cure mix ranks among some of the best methods we can use to prepare bbq meat. We recommend using a cure mix because it involves using higher salt concentrations—the unique concentrations of salt trigger osmosis, which helps to remove moisture from the meat. Thus, the meat is less likely to host bacteria. The good thing about this approach is that it does not involve salt.

A cure mix should include ingredients such as nitrite, salt, or nitrate. Using the right balance is also vital to avoid compromising the taste of the meat. All these unique benefits combine to make meat curing a unique method for meat preservation. Remember that while it’s a natural alternative for food preparation, you have to use the right proportion of ingredients.

Meat injectors and Why You Need Them

You have many options when it comes to applying marinating or BBQ sauce to your meats. The first option is to apply large amounts of the sauce over the meat and sit for a few hours. However, while this process is popular, using meat injectors might be more effective.

A meat injector is a special food syringe that you use to insert your sauces into the meat. Choosing the right injector is important because it has to penetrate the meat's deep sections for the best results. Plus, you also have to inject the sauce into various meat sections to ensure the best flavor outcomes.

Once you are through with injecting the meals, you can move right on to the cooking process. Unlike marinating, you won’t have to let your meats sit for many hours before placing them on the fire.

Mixer Bottle and Why You Need One for BBQs

A mixer bottle refers to a special bottle you can use to mix sauce ingredients. In some cases, mixing the ingredients by hand or in containers is not effective enough. Using a mixer bottle makes it easy to combine many different ingredients, and it won’t leave a mess in your kitchen. Before choosing a mixer bottle, you have to check out aspects such as the bottle's size.

We use mixer bottles when preparing the powders and ingredients we want to use to flavor our meats. Usually, the ideal type has an ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to maneuver. Plus, the bottle should also be fully sealed to ensure the ingredients stay fully enclosed inside.

Keeping the bottle fully sealed also helps maintain the original flavors of the ingredients. We also find features such as the sprout design to be important when releasing the ingredients after mixing.