What is a Sausage Casing and Its Uses?


Otherwise referred to as the sausage skin, a sausage casing refers to the material covering the sausage's internal components. They are available in natural and artificial types. The natural types involve the use of animal skin and intestines. The artificial types are made using products such as collagen and cellulose.

The natural casing for sausages is easy to distinguish because they have more irregular structures than the collagen types. Plus, the artificial casings often consist of collagen, which most brands acquire from cattle skin. However, the sausage made using natural products tends to have a better taste than the artificial types.

The sausage casing can also be beneficial because brand makers can impart it with a unique flavor. These include various types of spices, seasoning, flavoring, and more. The natural casings for sausages can also accommodate a large piece of meat perfect for making sandwiches.

Edible Casing and Its Characteristics

Remember that sausage casings are available in two distinct categories, the natural and artificial types. All the natural types are edible because they are made using special components of the small intensities of pigs, goats, and more. However, the non-edible types consist of artificial materials such as collagen, which researchers have associated with various health risks. A recent publication by the EU on organic food only recommends the use of natural casings.

The edible casing type involves special preparation techniques, whereby it's cleaned and scrapped for unwanted materials such as fat. Thus, choosing the edible case types would be best as it has minimal side effects on your health. They are mostly recommended for public consumption because they don’t contain additives or chemicals. Plus, these sausage types have better expiration types than the artificially made types.

Duck Fat for BBQ and Briskets

We believe that taking on a unique approach is important when it comes to producing high-quality BBQ meat. The good thing is that you can use it along with various other types of oil. These can include peanut and safflower oil, which you can apply as a spray to your bbq. Remember that duck fat has been a staple in preparing kitchen meals for many years. It has a silky mouthfeel and subtle taste to make it ideal for meals.

Using this fat is easy because it takes up flavors and spices well. Plus, aside from meat, we have noticed that you can use this type of fat on various other meals. You can use it on poultry, potatoes, and more. The fat also makes up for a healthier alternative compared to the various artificial oils out there today.