BBQ Rub world championship recipe

Grilling With the Correct BBQ Rub

Our seasonings are award winning rubs. Winning state, national, and even voted the Worlds Best Rub on the Planet. Our award winning BBQ rub recipes are unlike any you’ll ever find. Make a masterpiece out of pulled pork, smoked ribs, grilled chicken, and a championship Texas beef brisket. Rub is a term chefs use to refer to various flavoring ingredients and seasoning products. The chefs combine these elements to form a unique paste, which they then apply to the meat’s outer sections before cooking.

They are available in different types, which include either wet or dry. Similar to brines, these types of rubs consist of two ingredients, which have either sweet and salty tastes. These are the key to the success of these BBQ rubs.

We have noticed that many people find it difficult to distinguish when to use these rubs when preparing meat. The rubs are only suitable for barbequing and not grilling. Why? Its BBQ involves slow cooking and low temperatures, while grilling demands more of the opposite.

Dry Rubs Suggestions and Tips

An excellent way to spend leisure time is to move your grilling outdoors during the summer months. We have various dry rub suggestions and tips that you should consider for your BBQs. If you have been looking for the ideal way to improve your BBQ routine, we recommend that you seek another alternative to sauces.

The key to our success when using dry rubs is to use fresh ingredients each time. We never use seasoning or spices that have surpassed their shelf life. Even something mundane as chili flakes can have a compromised taste when left on your shelf for a few months.

Remember to keep your dry rubs in an airtight container for a few months. Using this approach helps improve the longevity of your rub.

Brisket Rub Ingredients

We know that using the right brisket rub can significantly impact the taste of your BBQ. Based on our research, using a brisket that has a smoky and spicy undertone is the best. It involves using products that we have captured in several of our rubs. I will list a few here. You can read the specifics on the product pages:

Grilling Addiction   Steak and Brisket Rub   Texas Bark  Private Seasoning

Remember that the basis of a good brisket rub would be to ensure it includes a “sweet and salty” taste. An excellent way to complement the rub's taste would be to use some brown or maple sugar. Maple sugar is much better because it does not include highly processed sugars or molasses.

The good thing with a brisket rub is that you can infuse it with different ingredients and flavors. Using these types of rubs also reduces the need for dairy products such as curd, common in meat preparation.

Rib Dry Rub and Using it The Right Way

We all know ribs for being juicy and having a unique taste, unlike other parts of meat you can find. Using a rib dry rub to prepare BBQ can is simple when you have the right resources. We recommend a unique set of steps and ingredients selected over the years in the cooking industry. I will list our favorites that we have blended for smoking the best ribs recipes.

Sweet Chipotle Rub   Maple Rub   Savory Pecan   Honey Rub

There are a few components of high-quality rib rubs. Usually, the first component to consider would be to start with sugar as a base. Based on our experience, cooking pork comes out best when cooking pork. From there, you will come across various recipes that include pepper, salt, and various custom ingredients.

You can even incorporate the meat with some smoked paprika to improve the flavor of the wood. The technique helps provide a custom taste and color to the meat. Using garlic and onion powder helps enhance the flavor of the mixture.

Best BBQ Seasoning We Use

Being able to prepare the meat and your meals the right way is essential. One of the keys to our success in producing quality meat is using the best BBQ seasoning techniques. Unlike most meat types, such as the roasted or grilled types, using the right seasoning will help improve the taste of your meat. The methods we recommend you use to prepare your meat include:

  • Let them marinate for a few hours – apply the sauce all and inside the meat. Then, let it sit for a few minutes.

  • Use some curd – we know some of you don’t like using dairy products, but curd is perfect for complementing the flavor of food

  • Use different powder types – the types of powders available for meat preparation are many, including garlic, chili, onion, ginger paprika, and more