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Food is known as the universal language of love. It connects millions through its blend of ingredients; that represent different nations, varied people, and a host of different tastes. Why restrict this display of affection for your loved ones? And wait for dinner nights out? When you can cook up a storm from the most elementary ingredients in your pantry! David Bouska brings you the most classic recipes that have been popular over the years with his twist on them.

This book by David Bouska is all your meat cooking dreams and aspirations in one place! The book offers a perfect blending of age-old traditions of numerous cultures and cuisines from around the world. You will find a variety of recipes that speak directly to your heart. The recipes as a whole are organized into nine chapters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. David offers a whole life cycle for your food, starting from the origins of a particular recipe and the ingredients heritage to the meat cut and variety to be used. The book is a beautiful display of David’s culinary journey and a perfect guide to the aspiring home cook.