Gourmet Pistol Grip Meat Marinade Injector


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Introducing the Butcher BBQ Meat Marinade Injector - the ultimate culinary tool for flavor perfection! Crafted with a sturdy metal handle, this 50cc pistol grip syringe ensures easy use and quick cleaning. Say goodbye to bland meats and savor succulent bites! Our complete package includes a replacement gasket and a handy cleaning brush. Two different needles cater to various meat types. With unmatched durability and a storage box, this injector is built to last. Calling all backyard chefs, caterers, and competition cooks - unlock the true potential of your grilled masterpieces. Elevate your grilling game with the Butcher BBQ Meat Marinade Injector today and inject your way to flavor heaven!


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The replacement gasket comes with a spare spring also. The replacement small needles are a 16 gauge core with an open port on the tip if the needle. The replacement large needles come with a closed port on the end and has 2 ports on the side of the needle core. This is used for when injecting thru fat or into fat and the tip will not clog up. The replacement 12 count 6 inch long needles are 16 gauge core with an open port on the tip of the needle.

Your Reasons to Buy

  • 50cc injection barrel
  • All metal handle
  • Easy to select injection amount
  • Comes with cleaning brush and spare gaskets
  • 2 needles - side port hole and bottom port hole
  • Full set of instructions on box
  • The replacement gasket also comes with a spare "v" shaped spring