Laser Instant Read Cooking Thermometer

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This infrared laser thermometer is a must for cooking. Comes with a digital color readout. The primary purpose is you can stay a safe distance from any surface and still get the temperature. Great uses are for grills, smokers, pizza ovens, and bakers. Simple to use, just aim and pull the trigger. You will get an instant read of your surface temperature. Use on pizza stones, grill grates, surface of your oven, and deep fryer oils.

This industrial infrared thermometer has everything: 12:1 optics for distance measurements, full-circle laser targeting for accuracy. Automatic sleep mode after 30 seconds of no use. This is a great feature to save battery life. 

Your Reasons to Buy

  • Temperature range of -58F to +752F
  • Digital LCD readout
  • Auto sleep in 30 seconds to preserve battery life
  • Runs on 2 AAA batteries-Not included
  • Accuracy of 2 degrees
  • Instant read within 1/2 second
  • HD color screen
  • Switch between C/F
  • Low power indicator
  • It should not be used for taking internal food temperatures.