Liquid Pork Injection

$9.99 $13.29 -25% OFF

Liquid Pork Injection

$9.99 $13.29 -25% OFF
Product description
Learning how to bbq right using a simple pork injection can be found with our ready to use injection. The best pork injection recipe is found right here with our MSG free formula. Use as an injection or a marinade to get full flavor and moisture. Use with any charcoal or pellet grill. Also the traditional wood smoker. Pork is possibly the most over looked item to inject. Now with our ready to use injection keep a bottle handy for the quick pork roast, marinated sirloin chops, and even the perfect pork ka-bobs. It is a must for the low and slow smoking of a pork shoulder. Proudly made with zero MSG and zero Gluten.
Using our base flavors that are loved by competition cooks, we have developed a liquid product that is easy to use. Just open and inject. It’s not concentrated, therefore no need to measure it out.
  • Suggest Use On:¬† Pork
  • Application Process:¬† Inject in the meat and marinade¬†
  • Preparation:¬†¬†Ready¬† to use
       Reasons to Buy
    • Easy to use for smoked pulled pork
    • Marinade for pork chops
    • Plastic Bottle
    • MSG Free
    • No need to add anything
    • Ready to use
    • Complete instructions on label¬†
    • Water, white vinegar, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (Hydrolyzed soy and corn protein, salt, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil/cotton seed, soybean oil added) sodium phosphate, and xanthin gum.

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