Poultry & Kitchen Shears

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Introducing the Butcher BBQ Poultry and Fish Shears - the ultimate kitchen tool for backyard chefs, caterers, and competition cooks alike. These specially designed shears are built to tackle tough poultry and fish tasks with ease. The serrated blade effortlessly slices through chicken joints and fillets, creating perfect cuts every time. The long and curved blade ensures effortless cutting, saving you valuable time during meal prep. Crafted with performance in mind, these shears will elevate your culinary skills to new heights. Equip yourself with the Butcher BBQ Poultry and Fish Shears and let your creativity take flight in the kitchen. Grab yours today and experience the sharpness and precision that sets these shears apart.

Your Reasons to Buy

  • Stainless Steel blade with plastic handle
  • Serrated blade
  • Safety lock to assist while in storage
  • Spring loaded for easy control
  • 4 inch blade