Prime Dust Beef Injection Marinade

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Prime Dust Beef Injection Marinade

$19.99 $26.65 -25% OFF
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Finally a beef flavor enhancer that is worthy of competition BBQ. This product is not a broth or watered down with vegetables, this is real beef. Butcher BBQ Prime Dust makes a deep, rich beef flavor. When used with our Butcher BBQ Injections you will make a prize-winning brisket.

Mix 1/4 cup of Prime Dust and 3/4 cup of Butcher BBQ injection to 2 cups of water. Mix the 2 together to help prevent lumping in the water. You are now ready to inject. Simple to mix. No more adding beef flavored water from the store. Refrigerate after mixing.

  • Made in a peanut free facility
  • Real Beef product
  • Easy to seal canister
  • Free scoop with each purchase
  • Made in the USA
  • Suggest Use On:  Beef and Wild Game
  • Application Process:  Inject in the meat and marinade 
  • Preparation:  Needs mixing

Beef stock, flavor, and salt

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